Update LOL
Woah, Been 2 years since I've updated this. haha.

Me and Dan are still together and doing wonderfully. I've never been happier. I love him so much.

Relationships :)
Things with Dan are going wonderfully. He's just the type of guy I want to be with. We're on the same page pretty much in all areas of life, especially with relationship experience.

He's meeting my Dad tonight, we're going over his house for dinner. Should be fun!
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Got my first kiss on Sunday night.

I liked it..but it could have gone better. It was unexpected haha.

Hanging out with Dan tomorrow, hopefully.

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I've figured out that I'm not feeling good cause I've got butterflies. This has happened once before and they took a few days to go away.

It happened because my friend Dan told me he liked me as more then a friend. This is really the first time I've heard this from someone whom I'm equally attracted too.

Its a good and bad feeling. The butterflies are intense because I don't experience this feeling very often.

But it's a good feeling because I'm thrilled and so happy that someone likes me, that something more could come of our friendship.

We're gonna take it slow. Neither of us has dated a lot, although for some reason I got the impression that he has more experince in stuff like that. But I don't think he does! Haah!

I just gotta keep my head on my shoulders.

God I pray that my butterflies can go away soon. I really don't like feeling like this, yet at the same time I do. hah. contradiction or what
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Wow, I'm like shaking and everything.

For a good reason!

I asked my friend/crush Dan if he liked me.

and he said YES!!!!

I was so excited my stomach was quaking. haha

Now...we just keep hanging out and see where things go.

Thank you Lord!

I'm happy that he likes me, happy if we just stay friends!

Funny thing
Love is a funny thing
Friendships even more so
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth making friends, crushing on guys.
It's so hard. Relationships and friendships take work.
Sometimes I just want to cut it all off and be alone.

My blog has more on what I feel. hah

Spilt Milk

So I was putting groceries in the car today when the  milk dropped and spilled all over the ground. My assistant manager was parked next to me. Which I thought was pretty funny cause he can be a real jerk to me. So I update my facebook status and he commented on it.


He was wicked PO'ed because apparently he's allergic to milk. Now I feel a bit bad, but they way he said it, I took it as his typical jerkiness...prick attitude. I apologized, saying it was just an accident, which it was. Haven't heard anything from him.


Stepping in a milk won't kill you kid. Grow up and calm down.


Last Year
last year at the university

then internship in the summer

scared excited

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Goinna try real hard and to NANO this month. Never done it before but my friend Jen sugested...told me..to do it. LOL

So i'm gonna try real hard. I have a plot I want to try out!


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